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Customer Reviews & Stories

"I'm from St. Louis and traveling to Madison, WI weekly for work. My car broke down right outside Lincoln IL on 55N (3 hours from home). The dealership that was the closest wasn't able to get it in for a week. I googled auto repair shop Lincoln IL to see what was available and Charron's came up. Of course I was nervous due to the fact that I am not great with car repair and had my lifelong mechanic back home plus I did not know the reputation of any repair shop in/around Lincoln."

"Pat and Carol are wonderful. They answered my questions, were very accomodating, and even offered to look up numbers of other auto shops nearby for me since they were not able to get my car in that day (they were able to get it in the next day which was fine). They worked with my warranty company even though the warranty company did not want to work with them."

"I could just go on all day about them and how wonderful a business they run. It was very refreshing considering the type of treatment you usually get with corporate auto repair shops. They made a very stressful situation much less stressful. For that I am grateful."

"I would more than recommend Charron's to anyone who happens to break down near Lincoln IL or live in Lincoln IL. :)."

"Oh... and they also have a very nice waiting room and wifi."

Lynne D.

"Pat was awesome. Great customer service. Thank you!"

Jason W.

"I recently had my car in at Charron's. I had a wonderful experience! My car was fixed quickly and efficiently. The employees were very professional and easy to work with. I will certainly will go back to Charron's for any other car repairs and will refer them to my friends and family."


"I have only had one experience with this establishment thus far, but it has been nothing but positive. I called ahead and they were able to get my car in that afternoon. When I arrived, they walked me through what they would do and the exact cost of everything. They even offered to give me a ride back to campus since I am a college student and would be without a car. When they diagnosed the problem, the called me to outline exactly what the problems were and how they would fix them, and gave me an estimate. The only thing that made me not give a 5 star rating was that the estimate was a little steep, but for trustowrthy service I'm willing to pay it. "


"Super Service- thanks so much"

Marilyn T.

"My father owned a shop for many years. Iam VERY impressed and pleased I found you. I'll be back!"

Quinn M.